Wild River, Wooden Boats

By: Michael Gillespie.

In Wild River, Wooden Boats, historian Michael Gillespie, a fifth generation Missourian, shares the true story of steamboating and travel on the wild Missouri River. This book is a splendid account of steamboats on the Missouri River in the 1800’s. Tragedy and triumph are recounted so that the reader will want to be there on the one hand and be glad he wasn’t on the other. This is a collection of steamboat tales of hitting snags, dodging bullets, witnessing explosions, and standing on ice. They are true stories, preservedthrough the diaries and memoirs of those who lived the adventure, and told in their own words. It’s the best kind of history----the kind thatcomes alive.

Soft Bound: 6 x 9, 147 Pages
21 River pictures & Maps

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