The Last River Rat

By: Kenny Salwey

Kenny Salwey's Life in the Wild Adventures Along the Wild Mississippi    

Kenny Salwey, the legendary Last River Rat and famed storyteller, presents a new collection of “rat tales,” sure to delight, inform, and entertain. A modern-day American hermit who has lived most of his life in the Mississippi river bottoms, Kenny knows the river ecosystem with an intimacy unavailable to most. Here, he shares his love of, and knowledge about, the mighty river. Read through the pages of "Kenny Salwey’s Tales of a River Rat," and you’ll gain a new perspective on what it means to live with the rhythms of nature. Known as the Woodsman of the Mississippi Backwaters—he’s a hunter, trapper, outdoor guide, and self-sufficient woodsman—Kenny Salwey is said to have cut his milk teeth on a canoe paddle and seasoned it with Mississippi mud. He’s a Mississippi River guide for hunting, fishing, and nature watching; a storyteller; an instructor on environmental education; and a keynote speaker.

Hard cover: 5 ¼ X 8, 256 Pages