River Towboat Deck Hand Guide

By: Capt. Ron Larson, USMM. Ret.

This book gives a lay person a good insight on River Towboating. It is also a good guide for a young man that has given thought to a River Towboat career

The book begins with suggestions a young man can do and learn to make him a better candidate for employment as a green Deck Hand. There also is a list of Deck Hand Training facilities and name address and phone numbers of some of the River Towing Companies. The author explains the six-hour on six-hour off work schedule. With a description of the Deck Hand work duties on each watch.
To aid a new Deck Hand in learning River Towboat terms. The author included a river vocabulary with explanation using pictures and drawings of towboats, barges, locks, and bridges.

Pocket Booklet: 4 x 7, 86 Pages
Several pictures and Illustrations