Meet your River Boat Book Seller

Captain Ron began working on the Upper Mississippi River after serving in U.S. Navy during World War II in the South Pacific. He has a Master/First Class Pilot, Steam and Motor Vessel all Gross Tons. Merchant Marine Officer's License.

Most all of his piloting was on the upper Mississippi River on towboats, pushing barges, between St. Louis, Missouri and St. Paul, Minnesota, with an occasional trip on most of the other navigable rivers. He has experience piloting Stern Paddle-Wheel boats, twin, triple and single screw towboats up to 4600 horsepower, pushing tows up to 1190 feet in length.

During his retirement years, he is still did part-time piloting on river excursion boats and riverboat deliveries. He has worked on the Mississippi Queen, Delta Queen, Valley Queen, Mississippi Bell, Jubilee and Mark Twain.

He is also the author of the book "Upper Mississippi River History" now in it's second printing.

Captain Ron Larson U.S.M.M., Ret.

Captain Ron Larson U.S.M.M., Ret.

January 31, 1926 - June 22, 2011